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The International Beauty Congress contents are: international body painting competition 2013 World Cup, the World Beauty Organization CIDESCO International Conference of States members, China International Beauty Night CIDESCO General Assembly, in 2013 CIDESCO International Competition awards ceremony, China Wuhan International Beauty Chu wind Expo. At the same time, the participating countries will also be beauty experts and scholars on the "new era of global beauty education", "explore the latest trends in the global anti-aging", "human hair weave skin type and treatment methods" and "Indonesian ancient tradition of spa intelligent" and other topics to explore . October 2012, the delegation of China beauty industry by Professor Xiao, president of Hubei cheap human hair wigs and Beauty Association Aoyama led, after several competing with South Africa, Singapore and other countries, eventually won the 61st international "Shengdisige" Annual Meeting held in China. "Shengdisige" International Beauty Organization, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. From the creation of the development so far, its branches across the five continents 36 countries and regions, are of great concern around the world of beauty, cosmetics, medical profession and the like. The "Beauty Olympics," said the "Shengdisige" International Beauty annual meeting, held annually in different Member States and regions worldwide.

1 # cms4_zutu_nav1 {margin: 5px 0; text-align: center;} # cms4_zutu_nav1 a {display: -moz-inline-box; / * Moz FF * / padding: 2px 5px; margin: 2px 1px; line-height: 24px; font-size: 12px; color: # 686868; text-decoration: none; cursor: pointer; border: 1px solid #ccc; background: url ;} # cms4_zutu_nav1 a: hover {color: red;} 1 the first heart-shaped braided hair styling 0 STEP1: the hair is divided into two areas. STEP2: one side of the hair and then divided into two regions before and after. STEP3: the partition of the human hair braiding hair with the card do not get up. STEP4: the front partition human hair wigs for black women into tails. 0 STEP5: braided tails back to the front. STEP6: the bottom has been braided into the human hair extensions cheap. STEP7: The sides programmed cannabis with no provision hair back region fused together. STEP8: fixed with the card. 0 heart-shaped braided hair on the well, but in order to make the effect more natural, you can hand loose a loose braid. 0 heart-shaped braided side paragraph 0 STEP1: take a strand of human hair half wig from the front side becomes tails. STEP2: another parallel from the rear to the same thickness of a strand of hair woven tails. 0 STEP3: the first programmed tails around a circle. STEP4: After about fixed with the card. 0 STEP5: tails to another in the opposite direction around a circle and fixed. STEP6: Finally, the end of the two tails of other good cross. cheap human hair wigs is done.

Ling Yali eyes of the wedding season theme groups are new layers of three-dimensional moire, "Snow Beauty" as a source of inspiration to describe the dress with soft delicate and enchanting, show a woman's white and Wai Lan heart. We use the most traditional Chinese female red hair art elements into this building, innovative knitting and needlework braid sewn fusion peaks three strands braided human hair wigs for black women braided with the remaining portion of the pure potential stacked wedding salute, delicate red line interleaved more prominent women's intelligence, the overall shape has no shortage of feminine delicacy and spirit pretty charming women, with different costumes of different colors threading, this new trend, it is worth a try. Build steps: 1, the partition to create the essence of Okinawa Cai Yun dew 125ml / 248RMB from the head at the beginning of the human hair wig into a "heart" type area, using Okinawa Cai Yun Cream (Oscar bottles) to create the perfect hair "makeup" , human hair mannequin instant shine smooth 2, three braided female red area on both sides of the preparation and separated by one centimeter of anti-braided three strands, the remaining natural human hair bangs hanging along, creating a sense of elegant, red thread in Z-shaped fixed hairstyle 3, glow stereotypes Spray 250ml / 148RMB last used L'Oreal Paris salon exclusive styling spray overall glow latest hair styling salon information please pay attention China Network.

Coup 1: maintain a pleasant state of mind is a restless day will lead to human hair wig loss, the greater the pressure, the more serious horse shampoo for human hair loss. So, the girls want to maintain a pleasant mood in a busy life. If a lot of pressure, it can appropriate exercise or deep breathing, walking to vent their negative emotions. Coup 2: reject the use made of nylon comb made of nylon comb prone to static electricity, give hair a burden, adverse stimuli. Girls the best choice boxwood comb, so not only can reduce dandruff, but also massage the scalp and promote blood circulation. Coup 3: learn the correct usage hairdryer Many people think less with a hair dryer can reduce damage to the human hair short wigs, but this is wrong. Hair with a hair dryer to help solve the problem of frizz, but this is under the premise of the proper use of a hair dryer will be some effect. Blowing hair when best to use low-bit wind and temperature, so that you can reduce the damage to the hair. Coup 4: her hair is the best 2-3 day intervals too frequent shampooing makes long human hair wigs loss nutrition all, let the hair dull, so do not wash hair frequently. In addition, when the best in her box braids with human hair gently rub massage, the effect will be better. Coup 5: Do not wear a hat or a long time to wear a hat something airtight or airtight things, would damage the full lace wig human hair, the pores are oppressed will be very easy to become lax, so MM have to pay attention to not because pretty Oh, and let the human hair weave damage.